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School just got a whole lot cooler. Never forget about another assignment’s due-date, sporting event, or that super important test coming up.


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Sign up in seconds to join the school communication movement.

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digital safety

Teachers never see students’ phone numbers and vice versa. All communication is transparent.

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Save time by sending messages, on the go, to targeted audiences.

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Use Hallr for free on any device. No classroom changes required.

Connect Now

Teachers simply sign up, create a profile, ask your students to “favorite” you, and start messaging. Students and parents opt-in to join classes via the app. Once classes are set up, teachers can connect with their classes.


push notifications

Teachers can send push notifications to their students, communicating instantly. Push notifications limit two way communication and keep students and parents informed.

Digital Safety

Phone numbers or emails are never exchanged so communication is 100% safe and secure. Message history is safely stored and can be accessed. Anyone may follow any teacher they are interested in, it’s all up to the students and parents.


We want to be as transparent as possible. People will act more responsibly if all their messages are available for anyone to see. This allows all of our students and teachers to enjoy a much more simpler and friendlier learning environment.


Be Efficient

Save time by sending  messages directly to students’ and parents’ phones. Sending a message couldn’t be any easier than what the Hallr app can provide.


followers receive updates

Each user has the option of what to follow or favorite. Students and Parents can follow Teachers and receive notifications, updates, schedules, and other important items the teacher includes in their profile.

It’s Free

Any teacher, student and parent can start using Hallr today, for FREE, on any device. We support iOS, Android, and Web applications. No contracts or classroom changes are needed.

free mobile app

We wanted to make a difference in the education world, and that means making our service accessible to everybody. Hallr is free for everyone including students, teachers, and parents.



“It’s so awesome to open up the app and see my player profile. I can easily share my games with my friends and my family.”


The smart way to stay connected

Having a good time and being happy is at the core of what we do at Hallr and we believe that everyone deserves this. School can be stressful and difficult to manage at times, which is something we’ve all experienced. We have a passion for helping people accomplish their goals and we know that the Hallr app can do just that. Hallr makes school easier, simpler, and much more fun. Hop on the app and check it out!

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Hallr is completely free and easy to sign up for. The app can be used on any device with access to the internet, as well as on any iOS and Android device.




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